Waktu Siaran

Monday, January 24, 2011

I read BUT i don't wrote back..!

I DO observed..
But I dont get involved..
U can say what ever..
But dont say IT crime..

I DO read..
But I dont drop a note..
U can say that I'm ignored..
But dont say I'm wrong..

Everybody got time..
A space to remain silence..
U can make a protest..
But dont U dare to blame..

I DO what I want to DO..
But I still observing U..
Please dont say 'I dont care'..
Please dont treat me as mess..

U can DO what U want to DO..
Whether IT make me CRY inside..
But i never put my anger on U..
So why U put your anger on me..?

Dont make this issue/s BIG..
IT just point back at U..
Because at the END U will see..
That i can still be around U..

Izad Azli Zico

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