Waktu Siaran

Monday, January 24, 2011

Stay the SAME..!

Keep focus on that track..
Again and again and again..
I'll be forever grateful..
I'll be forever faithful..
I hope my work is going to be 'fruitful'..

Keep wondering around..
Gathering every word resound..
My head is clear right now..
I hope my inspiration never stop..
I pray for the strenght to carry on..

And I..
Never forget about you..
Never loose control..
Never thinks about leaving..
Eventhough i have to go..

My story will stay by your side..
As the memories stuck in your mind..
My world is the better place..
The world i share with you..
Eventhough you seem don't know..

Keep back to the track..
Promises that never untied..
I'll be forever grateful..
I'll be forever thankful..
I hope everything will stay the same..
Eventhough I become taller, stronger and better..!

Izad Azli Zico

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