Waktu Siaran

Monday, January 24, 2011

Reaching HOME..!

It's too LATE..
Gonna to BOOST it UP..
I never want to MISS that moment..
This feeling turned me ON..
My LOVE is waiting for me..
On the other side of the road..

Nothing ever gonna STOP me..
From reaching my GOAL..
My ONLY goal is YOU..
Be with YOU..
Feels the same feeling FLOWs..
Everytime we kiss i feels the vibration..

It's too LATE..
I still searching for the best WAY to get there..
My heart glows..
My oh my I'm thinking of YOU..
Every second every minutes..
Just want to be with YOU..
Either it's too LATE or too EARLY..
Reaching home..!

Izad Azli Zico

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